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Question [Jul. 11th, 2005|12:07 am]
IRC/FTP whore


IRC question

I set up a fserve which worked fine untill the other day when a router was installed.  Though I can recive files but not send them.
All that happenes when someone tries to access my files is waiting for acknowledgement...

Can some help me fix this? Please?

Useing mIRC 6.14 with SysReset 2.53, on XP with a Firewall but allowed access for the program (it worked fine with just the firewall), and the router is a linksys wireless.

This is driving me bonkers that you to anyone who can help.

From: wreckage22
2005-07-11 05:55 am (UTC)
wellllllll.....i'm not too sure about what ports you have to have open for fserv, I found this list.

"mIRC port 6660" 6660 59,113
"mIRC port 6661" 6661 59,113
"mIRC port 6662" 6662 59,113
"mIRC port 6663" 6663 59,113
"mIRC port 6664" 6664 59,113
"mIRC port 6665" 6665 59,113
"mIRC port 6666" 6666 59,113
"mIRC port 6667" 6667 59,113
"mIRC port 6668" 6668 59,113
"mIRC port 6669" 6669 59,113
"mIRC port 6670" 6670 59,113
"mIRC port 7000" 7000 59,113
"mIRC port 8888" 8888 59,113
"mIRC port 9999" 9999 59,113
"mIRC Chat" 100 101
"mIRC Fserve" 110 111
"mIRC Send" 120 121
"mIRC Get" 130 131,132

I would make sure that 110 and 111 are open on your router for tcp and udp. It might be easiest to just make your pc the dmz host too. Do you know how to get into the router config? It probably defaulted to for the ip, so just open a browser, enter in the ip. Login to whatever you set the login as. Default is blank username and "admin" as the password. Look for DMZ host, it might be under an advanced tab. If you can't find it just make sure all those mirc ports are open. Hope this helps.
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From: wreckage22
2005-07-11 05:57 am (UTC)
p.s- i'm assuming this has happened to multiple people and not just one or two. I know that sometimes i'll send people shit and their dcc options or firewall is fucking things up on their side, just another thought. Also...if you set yourself as dmz host and still can't send files i'd try and disable windows firewall then give it a whirl. Perhaps you can also change the ports that it sends over in your fserv program, make it something that is def. open like 80, 25 or 110.
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[User Picture]From: brandchan
2005-07-12 05:45 pm (UTC)
Well I found this site http://www.portforward.com
And that helped in out and I got it all figured out but thanks wreckage for your help.
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